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Date: 25 June 2012 - Last update: 4 March 2014

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We've created an Instagram account for Tattini Riding - so, from now on, you can follow the Tattini brand's official online distributor on Intagram with or without using a smartphone.

We will publish mood pictures, equestrian interiors and funny pictures from our newest products daily. What is more, we expect from You -dear Horsemen- to take Instagram photos of your beloved older Tattini items, of the new purchases or anything, what is dear to you and has a connection to the Tattini brand.

Dear "posters": Please add the "#tattiniriding" hashtag to the pictures, so we can choose the best ones and later upload them to our continually updated Facebook photo gallery. Thank you.

You can access our Instagram photos from here: or by following the Tattini Riding account.