Pessoa Set

Date: 23 July 2013

Complete Pessoa Jumping Saddle Set with bridle and bit

Special offer for gourmet riders - Complete Pessoa Jumping Saddle Set with bridle and bit

You do the best for your horse and also for yourself if you choose the highest quality. You can avoid the arising confrontation with your horse from the use of uncomfortable equipment, and can always feel comfy and safe, because the sewing and fittings of the Pessoa equipments won't let you down. You can place every confidence in the extremely high quality Pessoa horse equipments on the long-term. In fact, even a lifetime, because the Pessoa Saddles bow come with a lifetime guarantee. There won't be a need to buy new things every year. You can't really get tired of the brown colour composition, because thanks to tender caring the shade of the leather will always change and get tarnished.

In this special offer you can get a full Pessoa set for an extremely reasonable price.

The set includes:

  • Pessoa Gen-X Elite Jumping Saddle (brown, 17.5")
  • Pessoa Mexican headstall with rubber reins
  • Pessoa Stirrup Leathers
  • Pessoa Zig-zag Girth (125cm)
  • Pessoa Bit from stainless steel and copper with Magic System


You can check out our complete Pessoa collection in the Pessoa/Wintec section of our catalogue, downloadable from the left panel of our webshop.