Isabell Werth

Date: 14 November 2013 - Last update: 11 January 2014

Story of Isabell Werth - the most successfull dressage rider of the world

Isabell Werth was born on 21 July 1969 in Germany. She is the world's most successful dressage rider with six Olympic gold medals, seven medals at World Championships, 14 medals at European Championships and a German Champion of eight times - she has well deserved the title of "Dressage Queen".

Of course like most riders, Isabell also started from scratch. At the age of only five, Isabell enjoyed riding on her pony mare "Illa" and a little later, on "Funny", she won her first ribbons.

Isabell was passionate about jumping and eventing, until "the Doctor" took her under his wings. In 1986, when Isabell was only 17, her neighbour Dr. Schulten-Baumer sen., a renowned dressage expert, asked her whether she would like to ride some of his horses. Isabell was enthusiastic about this offer and agreed. This was the beginning of a cooperation between coach and rider which was to be unique in the whole world. With each of the Doctor's horses Isabell celebrated triumphal victories, but her best moments were due to Gigolo, the chestnut gelding, who with Isabell Werth in the saddle became the most successful dressage horse of all times.

The cooperation between Isabell and her coach and mentor lasted fourteen years. Also with regard to her dressage career Isabell was striking new paths at that time. In 2001 she terminated the cooperation with her mentor Dr. Schulten-Bauer. Temporarily she moved to Mellendorf (near Hanover), to the training stable of the Winter-Schulze family, her friends and supporters. She stayed there for two years, before in 2004, she took the plunge into complete independence: she turned her riding into a profession and established a training stable with 22 loose boxes at her home at Rheinberg. These times of change and rebuilding were also the times of the dressage queen's comeback in the arena. After Gigolo's farewell tour a smooth transition at top level had not been possible, although she was quite successful with Antony FRH and other horses. But with Satchmo and Warum nicht FRH Isabell was finally able to work her way back to the top and embellishing her career on home ground with a double World title at the WEG at Aachen in 2006.

And what about the future? Isabell describes her goals: "To remain in international top sports as long as possible, maybe ten years or so. The future will show, whether in ten years time I'll still want to travel to competitions every three weeks. Probably I will have other priorities at that time. But I am sure that there will always be room for horses in my life."

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