Responsible Horse Care - Prevent Dehydration and Horse Colic By Heating Drinking Water in Winter

Date: 20 November 2013

While most horse owners naturally monitor their horse's water intake during the hot summer months, many relax that vigilance during the winter. However, getting enough water during cold weather is just as important as it is during hot weather.

Horses need less water during the winter, and therefore, naturally drink less. However, often they drink too little. Researchers have discovered that this tendency to drink too little water can be countered by simply offering your horses warm water during the winter. So increasing the amount of water a horse drinks is an easy and inexpensive way to keep your horse at the peak of health during the winter.

Ponies, when offered warm water or near-freezing water, drank a whopping forty percent more warm water. This statistic remained constant whether the ponies were offered water that was kept warm constantly, or if their drinking buckets were simply filled with warm water twice daily.

Providing warm water is relatively easy for horses that winter indoors, but turn-outs provide a bit more of a challenge. Automatic waterers are a good solution for outdoor wintering horses. There are many different models available.

When installing the automatic waterer, make sure that the water pipes to the unit are below the frost line. Also, check the waterer's reputation for reliability of the heating unit before purchase. The waterer should be checked, and the water pan cleaned, daily.

If an automatic waterer is not an option, consider carrying buckets of hot water out twice daily to the horses. Mix a little cold water from the barn tap before offering it to the horses, creating a nicely warm drink. If you are wondering how warm or cool to make it, remember, if you would not drink the water, don't ask your horse to drink it.

The source article can be found here: Horses and Horse Information

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