Sale: Tattini Lincoln Jumping Saddle Set

Date: 21 January 2014 - Last update: 6 February 2014

We offer an amazing discount price on Tattini's latest and greatest jumping saddle, furthermore you can get it in a set with high quality accessories, fully equipped!

The so called "Close Contact" saddles provide a direct connection between horse and rider and in the meantime give a relief to the rider. The contact is true back and forth, the horse can immediately sense all of the rider's movements, as the rider can detect all the horse's tension or looseness. So they can respond to each other's vibrations fast, without any problems or delay. We recommend these saddles to old partners or to riders with high standards, who are completely confident in their riding skills and knowledge, and want the best for their horses and themselves also. This way the experience and the achievment can be mutual and the coordination the greatest.

Tattini Lincoln Jumping Saddle Set
The set includes:

  • Tattini Lincoln Jumping Saddle (brown, 17.5")
    Close contact jumping saddle, full grain calf leather seat and knee pads, printed leather front pre-moulded flaps. Wooden tree steel reinforced, withers 28 cm, front and rear knee blocks, optimal fit, narrow fitting, stainless steel stirrup bars, contrast white stritching.
  • Tattini Bridle Stitched W/rubber Reins (burgundy, full)
    In Italian high quality leather, with colour contrast stitchings on browbandand on noseband, soft rubber grip reins with inner nylon, flash noseband, goldenbrass harness buckles and buckles on cheeks.
  • Daslo Leather Girth/elastic Ends (brown, 125 or 135cm)
    In high quality leather, with elastic at both ends, provided with stainless steel buckles with rollers.
  • Tattini Saddle Cloth Zig Zag Piping (burgundy, full)
    In cotton with diamond quilting, trimmed with zig zag stitching. Provided with two layers polyfill padding and foam, decorated by braid piping and Tattini embroidered logo in colour contrast.
  • Daslo Stirrup Leathers (brown, 140cm)
    With sewn buckle and non-stretch webbing inner core, leathercovered.
  • Ss Stirrups (12cm)
    In stainless steel with treads.

The discounted price for this set is: 849.00 GBP instead of 1185.28 GBP - While the supplies last!


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