Tattini Professional aluminum stirrups for the most demanding

Date: 16 June 2014

The lightweight, wide, aluminum stirrups are becoming very popular all over the world, because they offer the highest safety and comfort at the same time.

Professional Tattini Alu Stirrups For JumpinglThese patented stirrups were completely developed and manufactured in Italy by Tattini. Made of aluminum and extracted of a single unit, anodized in surface. All sharp edges have been rounded down, so the the possibility of irritating the horse is minimal. The inclanation of the tread is 94 degrees with an exceptional grip on the rear part. Thus a stability for the rider is assured also in case of poor support. Moreover, the internal rounded edges of the stirrups are in 15 degrees to avoid the boots getting stuck. The hole where the stirrup leathers pass through have been created in a way to keep the stirrups always perpendicular at the body of the horse to simplify the recuperation during movements. The hole is rounded too, to eliminate the wearing of the stirrup leathers because of constant friction.

What more could a horse and rider need from a pair of stirrups?

Professional Tattini Alu Stirrups For Jumping
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