Polo shirt with free socks

Date: 12 November 2014

If you purchase an equestrian polo shirt, you can choose as a gift any one pair of rider socks from our range and we give them both to you for the price of the polo shirt!

You can choose one pair of socks for one polo shirt, as long as the supplies last. At the time of ordering you can either order the socks of your choice (for which -in the time period of this sale offer- we won't charge you, of course) or you can write down the details of the selected gift socks at the end of the ordering process. If you don't specify the type of the socks, we will select a matching colored pair for the ordered shirt.

  • Tattini Lady Polo With Frills
  • Tattini Ladies Two-Color Polo
  • Tattini Lady Polo Shirt With 2 Badges
  • Tattini Ladies Striped Polo
  • Tattini Ladies Wide Neck Collar Jersey Shirt
  • Tattini Lady's Polo Shirt With Check Sleeves And Collar
  • Tattini Lady T-Hirt With Horse
  • Lovas Póló Női Lovas Tattini
  • Tattini Man Polo Shirt With Double Collar
  • Tattini Man Polo Shirt With Colour Contrast Sleeves
  • Tattini Lady's Polo Shirt Without Sleevess
  • Tattini Man Polo Shirt With Cross Band
  • Tattini Mens Long Sleeves Striped Polo Shirt

You can find all of the products on sale in the Polo Shirt with free Socks salegroup also.