Tattini Helmets with Exchangable Plate

Date: 9 December 2015

The new Tattini helmets with exchangeable plates are now available. The basic model included with the helmets can be exchanged to the separately available different color, glittery and even tricolor plate variants.


Polycarbonate or microfiber Tattini cap with exchangeable plate. Extremely light, comfortable and ventilated. Removable and washable Coolmax lining, adjustable sizing system, Tattini logo on the front plate. Exterior material: carbon fiber/microfiber, inside: EPS foam.

Vents: Flow optimised vent openings ensure that the heat is not strapped within the helmet. Even in extreme situations your head stays cool.

Indirect ventilation: Vents connect directly to air channels, which run from front to back to guarantee permanent ventilation.

Tattini Helmets with Exchangable Plate

  • Tattini Polycarbonate Cap With Exchangeable PlatesTattini Polycarbonate Cap With Exchangeable Plate
    - Detachable lining to wash.
    - Adjustable turn-knob & padded harness
    - Perfect fit: height adjustability system (5 steps)
    - Back head support system (comfortable)
    - Aerodynamics and ventillations for a cool head
    - Safety certification: matches CE New VG1 standards
  • Tattini Microfiber Cap With Exchangable PlateTattini Microfiber Cap With Exchangable Plate
    - Safety certification: PAS 015 CE VG1 standards
    - Extremely light, comfortable and ventilated
    - Exterior material: polycarbonate and/or microfiber
    - EPS foam
    - Removable and washable Coolmax lining
    - Adjustable sizing system

Exchange plates:
- Exhange Plate For Tattini Caps
- Triclolor Exhange Plate For Tattini Caps
- Exhange Plate with Crystals For Tattini Caps

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