Tattini Boxer Close Contact Laced High Shin Long Riding Tall Boots

Tattini 042-boxer-hh (0302o03)
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    • Tattini Boxer Close Contact Laced High Shin Long Riding Tall Boots
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    • Tattini Boxer Close Contact Laced High Shin Long Riding Tall Boots

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      New Tattini close contact Boxer riding boots with front laces and rear YKK zipper and closetex insert.

      HH, as in high shin length model.

      They have a rubber sole with a leather inner sole that makes them exceptionally comfortable, light and flexible for an all-day wear. The heel has an extremely efficient shock-absorbing system that reduces the impact on the heel and overexertion of the foot. They’re the first riding boots on the market with an exclusive Air Boost ventilation system. Available in 4 calf sizes. Unisex boots.
      In size 35-40 with 3 cristals straps, in size 41-46 with plain leather srtaps.
      - Made of high quality natural plain calf leather with closetex antigrip, durable insert
      - improved nose with sewing
      - plastic tongue keeps the zip in right position
      - changeable fancy - 3 cristlal also standard
      - Antibacterial pierced footbed
      - Tailor made fitting
      - Elasticized back for a perfect fit
      - Exclusive Air Boost ventillation system
      - Shock-absorbing system
      - Made in Italy

      Model 2021

      Please note that Boxer and Terrier riding boots leather is genuine tanned. To preserve the naturalness features, they're submitted to a "no passing-through dye", which makes the inner leather color stay neutral.
      To avoid the color loss, that is a usual consequence of such a process, it's necessary to apply on the boots a matching color leather care cream with a soft sponge or cloth and then brushing. The Cleaning and Care Instructions are indicated in the tag attached to the boots, so we kindly recommend you to read and comply with them.

      Also known as: with laces

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