Tech Stirrups Aluminum Endurance Brixia Light

Tech Stirrups tsb-light (0215p01)
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    • Tech Stirrups Aluminum Endurance Brixia Light
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    • Tech Stirrups Aluminum Endurance Brixia Light

      Endurance Brixia light is made of a special, super lightweight and extra strong aluminium alloy. Indeed, it weights only 250g vs the 310g of the Brixia Endurance and this makes a difference for those people who search for lightness in this kind of discipline.

      The total weight: stirrup 250g + Protective cage 95g = 345g

      In order to provide the lightness, the ring is less thick compared to the classical Tech Stirrups and the stirrups leather conformation is easy and not wrought.

      Despite the extreme lightness, the shape of “Brixia light” tread is the same as “Brixia” stirrup tread; the two stirrups are equal both in comfort and in adherence thank to the design of the grip and the presence of the hole.

      Main features:
      - Weight: 250gr
      - Tread size: 125x66mm
      - Tread size + protective cage: 150 mm
      - Tilt: 3,5°

      Available colours: Black, Blue, Silver and Red.

      The stirrups can be equipped with a protective cage, that is sold separately.

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