Tech Stirrups Aluminum Safety Venice

Tech Stirrups tsv (0215f02)
    • Tech Stirrups Aluminum Safety Venice
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    • Tech Stirrups Aluminum Safety Venice

      After months of design, prototyping and testing Tech Stirrups is proud to introduce such an important innovation to their products.

      These stirrups are made of a special alloy and are equipped with a revolutionary magnetic mechanism positioned on the tread, that allows, in case of need, the opening of the ring portion making easy the escape of the foot; after which the mobile part automatically returns to its original position.

      'Venice' retains all the characteristics of resistance, aesthetic and tenacity of the grip typical of Tech Stirrups.

      They are in production in different colors: the fixed part of the ring is available in black or silver, while the tread and the moving part of the ring is available in black, silver, blue, gold, red and green.

      In the near future, the substitution of the treads will be available with a seperate kit, including tread, screws and wrench.

      Weight: 400 gr

      Patented - Made in Italy

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