Wintec Easy Change Individual Gullet Kit

Wintec jbw1100 (0209f02)
    • Wintec Easy Change Individual Gullet Kit
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    • Wintec Easy Change Individual Gullet Kit

      The EASY-CHANGE Gullet Kit comes complete with five gullet sizes, spare tools, an instruction booklet and the Easy Measure Gullet Gauge..

      Saddle change? Or Gullet change? The choice is EASY... The EASY-CHANGE Gullet System allows you to alter the width of the head of your saddle to custom fit your horse’s wither, in just a few minutes.

      - XS: yellow, narrow
      - S: green, medium narrow
      - M: black, medium
      - L: blue, medium wide
      - XL: red, wide
      - XXL: white, extra wide

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