Winteclite D´lux Ap-Saddle

Wintec jbw10944 (0202j01)
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    • Winteclite D´lux Ap-Saddle
    • This product is no longer available.

    • Winteclite D´lux Ap-Saddle

      Riders will feel supported for riding any discipline in this top-of-the-range super-soft and grippy saddle- a saddle so light, tacking-up is simply a breeze!
      Allow their personality to shine through while training or on the trails with a fun selection of cantles they can change to suit their mood. Their leg will easily find
      a natural groove and their contact and communication will become effortless. For their horse, they will enjoy the super-soft panels which mould in and around their muscles, hugging their unique conformation whether training or competing in any discipline.

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